Community Safety

Our district’s experience is plagued by gun violence and property crime, yet our police officers are not equipped to handle most of the urgent work that falls to them. Police officers are not social workers or mental health specialists. We need to reorient our city’s response to violence in a proactive way that centers social services and crisis response. Public safety in Berkeley must be data-driven, respectful of privacy rights, and cognizant of implicit bias.

Safety does not end with preventing crime. The staffing capacity of our Fire Department has not kept pace with the City’s population growth. Berkeley’s neighborhoods must be resilient and prepared in the face of earthquakes, floods, and wildfires.

As your District 2 City Councilmember, I will work to reimagine the role of law enforcement in the City of Berkeley and prioritize firefighter retention, training, and the maintenance of robust wildfire prevention and hazard mitigation.

Latest Work

  • 4/22 9th St Traffic Calming Neighborhood Workshop
    Thursday April 225:30-6:30pm Join Councilmember Terry Taplin, Matt George (Berkeley Firefighters Association IAFF 1227),& Kim Walton (District 2 Transportation Commissioner) in a Neighborhood Workshop for calming traffic on 9th Street. Register at
  • Councilmember Taplin Proposes Urgent Ninth Street Traffic Safety Improvements
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4/13/2021 BERKELEY, CA – Jackie Erbe, a local mobility justice activist, was struck by a motorist on March 16 while biking with her child at Ninth Street and Channing Street and was hospitalized with serious injuries. In response to this near-tragedy and countless others like it, City Councilmember Terry Taplin (District 2) […]
  • South Berkeley Community Safety Townhall
    South Berkeley Community Safety Townhall Join Councilmembers Taplin, Bartlett, Mayor Arreguin, Interim Police Chief Jen Louis, and special guests, Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb and Emeryville City Councilmember John Bauters for a townhall discussion on community safety, March 31 2021 at 7pm! Register at!
  • In response to rise in shootings, City Councilmembers propose bike/foot patrol in West and South Berkeley, and will host town hall.
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 17, 2021 BERKELEY, CA —Responding to a recent surge in shootings and homicides, City Councilmembers Terry Taplin, Ben Bartlett, and Mayor Jesse Arreguín introduced a budget referral this week to fund a bike and foot patrol in West Berkeley and parts of South Berkeley, similar to the foot patrol already deployed […]
  • Councilmember Taplin Proposes West Berkeley Traffic Calming Budget Referrals
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 22, 2021 BERKELEY, CA — City Councilmember Terry Taplin has introduced two budget referrals to implement long-overdue traffic calming measures on “High-Injury” streets in West Berkeley. One budget referral targets the intersection of Sixth Street and Addison Street for the addition of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons to enhance pedestrian safety and […]