Public Safety Measures

I have called this community home for thirty three years and believe that all of us and our families deserve safe streets, safe parks, and safe neighborhoods. Throughout my term, I have met with neighbors throughout District 2 to hear their public safety concerns, have supported the formation of neighborhood safety groups, and have listened to the community at each town hall and safety pop-up.

In 2023, I was honored to be chosen as Chair of the City Council’s Public Safety Policy Committee.

In 2022, my office began convening a series of stakeholder meetings on best practices and local resources for the upcoming Berkeley Ceasefire program. Read our April 2023 memo here.

Since being sworn in to office in December 2020, I have worked to advance a suite of safety measures through the legislative process. These include:

To share your perspective on public safety, please speak at City Council meetings when specific items are on the agenda or during non-agenda public comment periods at the beginning and end of Council meetings. Please join us at meetings of the Public Safety Policy Committee and submit written comments to and

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