Councilmember Taplin Statement on Interim Regulations for Police Accountability Board

October 5, 2021

“I am proud to be from a city that was first in the nation to pioneer civilian oversight of police. I was proud to vote for Measure II last year, along with many District 2 voters who chose me to represent them. However, I remain concerned with the City Council’s approval of interim regulations without concretely defining the relationship between eyewitnesses and aggrieved parties in police misconduct complaints.

“The consent of those directly impacted should be paramount to police accountability. I was very clear in sharing my lived experience with police accountability before my colleagues and the public tonight. I must humbly ask well-intended allies to bear in mind that the pain and trauma of marginalized communities is more than a soundbite or a talking point—it is part of someone’s real life. Bringing complaints before a regulatory body without the consent of the people living through the alleged harms would have very serious implications and should be considered carefully. Any policy change we make will have tradeoffs, edge cases, and unintended consequences; and public officials owe it to their constituents to deliberate them openly. From my perspective, I see no conflict between honoring the autonomy and agency of an individual, and the thorough investigation of misconduct. 

“I will continue to listen to everyone’s perspectives with an open mind, and partner with members of our community in good faith to build a more resilient, peaceful, and healthy city. I hope all the West Berkeley residents whom I represent can also have their lived experiences respected.”


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